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Visit  Bali Ecotour Travel Center to book a tour, hotel or flight to Bali. Go to Bali Business and start an export business. Check out  Surf's Up.  Get the latest  Bali News. Explore Balinese culture  online:  the Bali Handbook, Bali Magazine, Multimedia gallery, or Bali Calender.

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Join us for the 5th Annual BaliSpirit Festival!
March 28 April 1, 2012

Prana Dewi The Healthy Mountain Resort
Prana Dewi
The Healthy Mountain Resort

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Balinese Gamelan

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We are pleased to offer online travel services. Book airline flights, hotels and special tours at wholesale prices. 

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Bali Calender
A complete travel guide to Balinese ceremonies and holidays. 

Budget Travel Guide: Bali on $20 a day
Back to the good old days. Bicycle tours, back packing, motorcycle adventures, surfer specials... All just for $20 a day. Stay in traditional homestays, and find the best places for "Nasi campur".

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