June 2000 Edition
Majestic Mountain

Onglancing at a map of Bali it is impossible to miss the enormous blue lake in thenortheastern section of the island Although not as geographically or spiritually prominent as the mighty Mt. Agung, the giant lake inside the caldera of Batur is the most often visited inland feature of Bali, aside from the art-center of Ubud.


This is a true story. Happened on July 12 1999. A thief was caught in act stealing soap and polish by a supermarket attendant in Bintang supermarket, Seminyak, Kuta. 


'Nyepi' day in Bali is already around the corner. This year it felt on the 18th of March.
No going out, No noise and light or fire are allowed. That's in contrast with one day before 'Nyepi' which is called 'Ngerupuk'. During Ngerupuk, Balinese uses fires and a lot of noise to chase away gosts! Why 'Nyepi' the next day??


Every Balinese Hindu must have a ritual ceremony called mepandes or metatah in their youth period. The procedure of this ceremony is dulling someone’s canine teeth before marriage, but for girls, after the first menstruation. Why is metatah is so important for Balinese people?

3 Islands In a Zodiac

The Captain Zodiac company has come to Bali with a totally unique way to explore the many attractions that the beautiful waters surrounding Bali and her sister Island of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan have on offer.

Balinese Festival Days
Galungan and Kuningan

According to the Balinese Calendar, the ten days between Wednesday of Dunggulan, the 11th week, and Saturday of Kuningan, the 12th week, are period called galungan starting on the day Galungan and ending on the day Kuningan. During this period the most important regular religious celebration is held. This month, June 1999, Galungan is on the 9th June and Kuningan comes 10 days later, the 19th June.


Same as Indonesia, Spain has a lot of attractive culture. They are mostly unique and funny with  a traditional way  to  expressed their feeling about everything. Check later on the pages and you`ll be impress !


Balinese people believe Calon Arang is the queen of leyaks (Balinese Witches). She is believed present her figure as a monstrous old woman. Her naked white body striped with black. Rings of black fur circled her long, hanging breast. Her face is horrible with long tongue hung out.The Kawi by R. Ng. Poerbatjaraka, Calon Arang has its own version of this blood-thirsty character.

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  • Raja Cobra Restaurant A snake food specialist restaurant in Tuban. Wanna try snake soup or enjoy white wine with snake blood 
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