The Magnificent Celebration 

With 60 fiestas in full swing every week, there are no more parties in Spain than anywhere else in the world. And no other country hosts such elaborate opportunities to sing, dance, pray and flout the usual codes of everyday life. 

Every year, one of the Feasts of Corpus Christi, the most athletic male in Castrillo de Murcia, Burgos is chosen to be EL Colacho (‘the naughty devil’) . He is carried through the street to a square where all the babies born that year are laid out on mattresses. “ The Tailed One “ as he also known, completes his duties by leaping over the children to drive evil from their bodies and protect them from disease. Fortunately, there never been an accident!  Meanwhile at Viana del Bollo, there’re also has similar action. They refereed to as ‘ jumpers’ .  All of the young man from Orense region wear splendid masks adorned with colored paper, and entertain procession onlookers by voulting themselves into the air with the aid of long poles. Musicians accompany them from neighboring villages, who trash away on pots and pans with large spoons. 

In each of February, in the Northern province of Alava, a doll ( markito ) is carried through the village of Zalduendo on a chart and attached to a stake in front of the main church. She is then sentenced to death and burnt. To entertain the crowds, a group of masked men disguised 
As an old woman, a bear, a sheep and a shepherd join in. A major crowd-pleaser is the troupe of zampanzas (‘ bumpers’) who wear hay-stuffed sacks and walk around the streets punching each other continuously. They called it as “ The Festival of the Dolls “.  Pretty interesting, isn’t?        
At the beginning of May each year, the single women of Alosno, in the Southern Huelva province, primp themselves to be wooed by the town’s eligible males. Dressed in their festive finery, the women sit in rows and inspect the passing parade of men, an activity accompanied by much whispering and eye catching. Afterwards, the women take center stage to sing and dance fandangos. Only once a man places donations at the foot of the Holy Cross may he dance with the woman of his choice. This knew as The Night of Favours. I really hope all of those women didn’t lost one of their shoes or it will be like Cinderella.   

This one is quite unique and funny. The Joyful Bull, that’s the name. They’re held these festival at Medina Celi, in Soria, plays host to a November fiesta. Just before midnight, a bull is tied to a post in the square. The animal’s body is painted with clay and two torches are harnessed to its head. One of the town’s men risks his life by cutting the rope and releasing the bull. Then the bravest allow themselves to be chased. When five bonfires lit in memory of the town’s five patron saints go out, the bull is returned to its enclosure. Take a bow!  

Holly Week, also called Seville`s Lavish Holly Week or Semana Santa Festival ( Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday ) dates back to the 14th century. Locals dressed in tall, pointed capes carry exquisitely decorated holy images through the streets, while the huge crowds jostle to see the main attraction: specially made sculptures of the virgin Mary and Scene from the passion of Christ. The sculptures are delivered to the city’s main Cathedral amid a huge chorus singing flamenco songs. In the other hands, people of Marela, in the South Eastern Mureva region, hold on Easter parade in honour of the saints. Men dress up in dark blue robes and conical hats. Their concealed pockets bulge with lollies, which they distribute during the procession. When the singing and drumming stop, they form line and begin to play their long trumpets, in a light-hearted, almost mocking way. These extraordinary instruments are only played on holy days. It’s actually a rare experience.  

At the end of the grape-picking season in the wine district of La Rioja, men from vineyards like to celebrate their bounty. The most adventurous dress up as saints in baroque-style costumes, and are carried at shoulder height to a main church, where special mass is sung. 

Spain does have special ceremonies. That is not all, its just part of them. The people, the air, the essence. Spain is definitely a paradise to every body who has visited her. 

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