The Captain Zodiac company has come to Bali with a totally unique way to explore the many attractions that the beautifull waters surrounding Bali and her sister Islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan have on offer. 
Beginning your day at Benoa International Marina you are briefed on safety and the days activities and then it is time to cast anchor and set sail , the only difference being that you will be powered by two 85hp outboards. 
The vessel is a six cell 7.3 mtr / 23ft Zodiac capable of comfortably seating a dozen or so adventure seekers and keeping with the high respect for safety there are lifejackets available at all times for guests and constant contact is maintained with the harbor master via marine radio. 
You will be mesmerized by the spectacular sight of the giant volcano Mt Agung on Bali and equally impressed with the distant vision of Nusa Penida on the horizon as you depart Benoa Harbor. The journey takes an exciting 35-40 minutes and you will soon be viewing the striking cliffs and crystal clear waters of Nusa Penida.Here you are privileged to enter an ocean cave that has become a natural ocean amphitheater due the continual etching away of the roof by years of tidal movement. Once inside this cave the Captain goes about his business to maneuver the craft in to positions requested by guests to view and take photos of this truly impressive sight The entrance is a narrow archway affording entry only to a craft of Captain Zodiacs design. 
You are then taken to a by named 'Manta Ray Bay' due to the daily sightings of these giant creatures gracefully dancing on their underwater stage, again the skills of the crew are demonstrated here as the Zodiac brings you into arms length of these incredible creatures without scaring them from sight. When the dance is completed you are taken to one of those locations that you have dreamt about and always thought impossible to find, an isolated cove ,bordered with white sandy beaches and coconut palms reaching for the sky. The Captain drops anchor and invites you to swim the few strokes to the beach or use the snorkeling equipment supplied and view what treasures may lay beneath the waters .You will be amazed at the sea life moving around you and the magnificent coral that is their home. 
The Captain rings the ships bell and it is time to make way for the Island of Nusa Lembongan where the zodiac arrives at yet another of the many secluded coves where lunch is served. 
After relaxing with something to eat and drink you are guided through the local village to view the many different stages of seaweed farming that has become the main source of income for the locals .You will also be shown the specialized art of weaving at a local home where the methods of weaving have remained unchanged from generation to generation , this provides a perfect opportunity to purchase some of these impressive items at prices that you would not believe possible. 
Your guide suggests a swim to refresh after this mild walk so it is back to the zodiac with the ever ready Captain at the helm and off to snorkel the nearby reefs of Nusa Lembongan. 
The days activities must come to an end so the boats' bell is again sounded and it is all aboard as the motors start up and the return journey to Benoa Harbor begins. 
The Captain assesses the conditions and increases the speed to refresh the adrenaline that has been lost due to the relaxation of the days activities and you are again riding the swells that are ever present in the straits that surround these magnificent Islands. 

An excellent day, beautiful scenety, impressive concept
For further details contact Captain Zodiac on (0361) 761 660.
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