This is a true story. Happened on July 12 1999. A thief was caught in act stealing soap and polish by a supermarket attendant in Bintang supermarket, Seminyak, Kuta. He told the security and for instant the thief was caught and locked. The head security commanded to take the thief to the nearest police station. But, the thief tried to escape. Constantly, the parking staff burst, “ maling….maling…” Indonesian word for thief. There was a group of youngster who was playing billiard in the billiard center beside the Bintang supermarket. Once they ran after the thief. Another youngster group came to help. They stop the thief, who still trying to escape in locking hand. One youngster beat his back head using a bottle of Coca-Cola. He felt unconsciously with bleeding head. The security released his locking hand as the mass asked.  They then took his cloth off, laid him. He woke conscious, then tried to escape for the three times. He ran to the back Padang restaurant, Saleko (Jalan Raya Seminyak, no. 19). The suspected hide in the parking area of a boarding house. The mass kept catching him and blocked the parking area. He finally caught. The poor thief was taken to the Double Six beach, about 550 meters from the place he was found. Rocks, stones, bamboos beat him, everything the mass got on the road, being kicked. They arrived in the beach, but that is not the end of the story. They threw him from a rock, two meters height, head down. He was crying, begging for their apology. Unfortunately, nobody seemed to realize it. They still beat, kicked, and punched in devil’s power. The blood spread over the sand, just like strawberry jam. 10 minutes over, the crying stop, he seemed dying. A man then beat him using a log in 5 x 15 x 300 cm in dimension. They left him on the sand, broken boned, bleeding body, but still breathing. There were polices but they can cot do anything as there is too many people. The day after, in the morning, he is a dead man and brought by the police. He had to pay too much for the soap and polish, his live. 

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