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This site is mostly about Bali.

Since Bali is in Indonesia, we also include  access to  the  "big" islands  such as Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Celebes, and Irian Jaya.   

There are many  small islands with  unique cultutres that can be reached from Bali. For example...   

What does the site offer and how to use it.   

Regular services 

Bali Magazine  
Monthly reviews of Bali culture, art, music, dance.  Articles by  local writers on Bali  issues  such as  environment,  surfing  and portraits of people in Bali.  We hope to keep you informed  about  trends in Bali.  Regular   features  include  Bali  at  nite,  travel tips, places to have  fun, and a shopping guide. 

Bali Handbook   
We have  adapted the latest  edition of  The  Bali Handbook by Bill Dalton  to the  web to provide  you  with a  complete  guide  to Bali. 
if you want to backpack,take a spiritual tour, get inside Bali culture, live in luxury, find surf  spots, or  make  and  adventure of your own, we hope you  will  find  the  handbook a useful guide. 

Bali Chat   
Ngobrol ngobrol, as the Balinesse say, hang out and chat. Talk live in a sponsored chat room or start your own chat session.Talk about Bali, ask advise on the best hotel, find a partner, make new friends, or express an opinion on the traffic in Bali. 

Bali Live   
This is a coming attraction which we hope to have  online  by  New Year.Live Web TV and radio  direct  from  Bali.  We  advice you to check programming  for shopping, surfing, traveling, traffic update, ceremonies,  or  music.  Check  on  the  weather  forecast,  today's exchange rate or read today's news. 

A  collection   of   fine  balinese  musics   produced  by   traditional instruments,  books   about   Bali,   articles,  videos,  photos  &  art galleries. 

Best of The Web
Contains the best web sites on the internet by topic. 

We've chosen sites which provide the best information  or  service related to Indonesia with  some  emphasis on Bali. Some of  them arenews sevices,  arts,  culture, etc.   

Surf's Up   
For  those  who want to discover the mystic  of surfing  in  Bali.  We tell  you  the  best  spots,  current tide,  surf  shop  information. Bye, Surf's up! 

Latest news from  Bali. We advice you to check  for current  events, surfing, travel conditions, traffic update, ceremonies, etc. Check on the weather forecast, today's  exchange  rate  or read today's news from Indonesia. 

Bali  is  a  tradecenter  for Indonesia.  We've  picked the  best of its products, and they can be sent to your door! 

Bulletin Board   
This is  a free forum where one can get information  such as  where to get cheap hostel,  latest gossip, etc. You are also free to express your ideas, post a classified add or debate the topic of your choice.   

Special features  
Bali on $10 a day  
This  is  a  mini web  guide  for  adventurers in Bali. It is possible to enjoy the time in Bali  and  live  for  only $10  a day! Often the least expensive  restaurant  or   warung  offers   great food as well as "fast food"  service.  Sleep the  night (menginap)  in  homestays or losmens which are usually friendly, clean, and economical.  In  fact, we believe it is the way to feel the real  'atmosphere' of  Bali. 

Business Opportunities    
Bali  has  a  wide  range  of  products  including clothing , jewelery, furniture,  antiques, handicrafts,  leather  goods,  art,  etc. Export is very attarcive in Bali now. Because of  the weak Rupiah, suppliers are offering great products at very competitive prices.We will keep you informed about the best suppliers in Bali and make it easy for you to contact them. 

Bali Calender   
Did you know there are 210 days in a  year  for Balinese? All
the Balinese traditional  ceremonies are done  on  a different date everyyear! We have included  a description of the most important holidays and ceremonies.

Bali Travel Services  
Confirm your airline ticket, your hotel  booking  before you actually pack your bags  or  choose the  best  tour  plan  from usor a travel agent in Bali.


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