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CURL A part of a hollow or semi-hollow wave that loops over as it breaks
CURVE Design feature (ie curve in bottom of board)
CUTBACK The surfing manoeuvre used to change direction and head back towards the breaking part of the wave
DECK The top surface of a surfboard
DING Damage to surfboard
DRIVE Acceleration on wave
DROP The initial part of the ride where you head to the base of the wave
DROP IN To take off on a wave when rider is already surfing
DUCK DRIVE Method of diving the board under an oncoming wave on the way out through  the break
EDGE Design feature on board (see rail)
ESKIMO ROLL Method of going under waves for Malibus and wave skis
FACE Unbroken surface of a wave
FALL LINE The line of fastest descent to the base of a wave (or mountain slope)
FIBREGLASS Woven glass cloth that, when saturated with resin, provides the protective outer coating of a surfboard
FIN/FINS Small vertical projections on the rear of the bottom of the surfboard used for stability and drive
FIN/FLIPPERS Swimming aid worn on feet
FLAT 1. Surfless ocean 
2. Powerless section of wave
FLICK OFF A manoeuvre used to kick the board clear of the breaking wave
FOAM Folyurethane plastic material used to make the core of the surfboard
FOREHAND Where the surfer stands facing the wave
GLASSY Smooth ocean surface conditions when there is no wind 
GOOFY FOOT A surfer who rides with his right foot in front of his left
GROMMET Cheeky young surfer
GROUND SWELL Swell which has travelled a long distance from where it has formed; characterised by evenness and length
GUN Large surfboard for riding big waves
HOLLOW Descriptive term denoting cylindrical type of wave
HOT Slang term for a good quality wave
HUEY Legendary Cod of Surf
IMPACT ZONE The point at which the breaking wave lands and exerts  maximum force 
INDICATOR Reef or sandbank seawards of surf spot that shows when a set of waves is approaching
INSIDE 1. Inthetube 
2. Closest to curl on take-off 
3. Shoreward of breaking wave
KNEEBOARD A surfboard, usually shorter, ridden on the knees
KNEELO Kneeboard rider
LAYBACK Manoeuvre of the 80's where the surfer is surfing on his backhand and lays out on his back on the wave face.
LEFT(HANDER) A wave breaking from left to right when viewed from shore
LEG-ROPE A rubberised or urethane cord used to attach the surfboard to the rider's ankle
LINE-UP The term used to describe the wave and swell formation at a surfing location
LINED-UP Descriptive term indicating long even swells
LIP The pitching edge of a HOLLOW or semi-hollow wave
LOGGER Old Malibu
MALIBU 1. Length 8'6" to 10'6" style of surfboard from the 50's and 60's originally made of Balsa (plywood in Australia) and eventually foam and fibreglass. 
2. A beach in Southern California
NATURAL FOOT A surfer who rides with his left foot in front of his right
NOSE The front of the surfboard
NOSE RIDING Surfing manoeuvre where the surfer stands on the very front of the surfboard
OFF THE LIP Manoeuvre involving striking the breaking lip of the wave
OFFSHORE Conditions when the wind is blowing off the land
ONSHORE Conditions when the wind is blowing on to the land
OUTSIDE A position beyond the line of breaking waves
PEAK A wave whose maximum height is attained over only a very small area, sloping away to either side, produced by triangular reef or sandbank