Artist are fortunate because they can livetwice: first during their own lifetimes, and then into the future via their works. Suteja Neka, a former school teacher intersted in art, collected paintings inspired by Bali so that fine examples remained on the island as sources of documentation, information and inspiration. To display this collection to residents and visitors, he opened NEKA Museum in 1976. It was recognized by the Indonesian government in 1982 with the establishment of the Yayasan Dharma seni (Foundation for Devotin to the Arts). Located in a garden setting overlooking a river valley, NEKA Museum is an ideal places to enjoy some of the finest atrworks by Baliese, other Indonesian, and foreign-born artist inspired by the magic and mistery of BALI.

The NEKA Museum collection is displayed in several buildings patterned after Balinese architecture. The main structures are for the permanent dispaly of th NEKA Museum's government registered collection. Another buidings is used for temporary exhibitions. The NEKA Museum has achieved high standards as a museum of international standing. By July of 1997 the NEKA Museum covered an area of 9150 square metres, with 2580 square meters of floor space. the buildings are well maintained and the artworks are displayed and organized historically.

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