We build great computer here in Bali. We customize your computer to meet your needs 
with latest software and hardware. Free basic training for Windows, Microsoft Office,  
Internet, Adobe and Corel. We offer a one year quarantee with same day service.  

Basic Business Computer as low as  Rp 5.000.000,-  

Call about our Multimedia Workstation: 
      Intel Pentium 333MMX  
      64Mb SDRAM (1x64Mb)  
      Creative 32X CDROM/Soundblaster/Speakers  
      Hard Disk 4.3 Gb  
      AGP Video Card  8Mb  
      Floppy Disk Drive 1.44Mb 
      Keyboard Win 95 + Mouse 
      Mag Innovision 14" or 17" Monitor  
      HP695 Printer  
      US Robotis 56K Fax Modem  

Pro Graphics Upgrades Pentium II 400/450  

We Guarantee: 

  • Lowest Price 
  • One Day Service 
  • Top Training 
  • Best Software Setup
  • Best Hardware