You can explore the tiny island by using means of transportation like : taxi, BUS, minibus,
The taxis operate from all of major hotels with rates very according to destinations.
As there are limited metered taxis available, it is advisable to consult with your hotel
receptionist regarding the price for your destinations.
Public minibuses (bemo) or isuzu, or big buses are available to every corner of the island
with quiet inexpensive prices but their stopping here and there to take and drop local
passengers may make your trip a little bit longer. However, you may have the experience
of travelling with local means of transportation in Bali.
For those who prefer to travel more privately, self-drive rented car or motorbike or
bicycle may be the choice. The prices, however, do not always include insurance for the
car or motorbike and they very depending upon the type of vehicle and the duration
of hiring. Petrol pumps are available in every town, however, in emergency there are
always roadside shops selling fuel out of a drum at a dearer price.
While driving yourself, please take upmost care as the traffic rules may be somewhat
different from those conducted in your own country. International driving licence is
required but you can also apply for a temporary permit in Denpasar,
Jl. Seruni, phone: 222828. 
It is compusory to wear a crash helmet while you are on the road and it is always
available at motorbike hire outlets.
Three-wheelled bemos serve all the routes downtown. And small horse-drawn carts
(DOKAR) serve as convenient transportation after hours and off the beaten track.
If you are getting around Bali, you can get lunch at WARUNG on the road, which have
low prices for NASI CAMPUR or SATAY or NASI GORENG, and soft drink.
For across the Island, such as going to Lombok Island or Nusa Lembongan Island, you
LOSMEN is the choice for your accommodation, or Traditional homestay. Or maybe, you
want to try to sleep at Banjar wherever you are. Of course with permit from 'Klian Adat'
on that village.

Panorama :
Sunrise at 05.30 a.m
Sunset at 06.00 p.m 

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