Bahasa Indonesia

Any seasoned traveler will tell you the ability to speak the language of your host country will have a huge effect on the quality of your experience there. It's not necessary to commit to memory hundreds of complicated sentences. A basic grasp of such simple, everyday phrases as "Good morning," 'Thank you," and variations of the theme "I want to eat/sleep" are enough to explain what you want, make friends, find your way, learn correct prices, and generally make your stay more enjoyable. You'll be amazed at how much you can say with only a 500-word vocabulary.
     Don't worry about grammar and sentence construction at first. Just concentrate on memorizing the most important commonly used words and phrases in this appendix, all selected specifically for their value to travelers. Your emphasis should be on effective, speedy communication. The most important phrase in this section is "Saya belum lancar di Bahasa Indonesia" ("I'm not yet fluent in Indonesian"). Say this first, then ask your questions. If you don't first admit your ignorance, any inquiry is likely to produce an outpouring of verbiage impossible to comprehend.
     At first, Indonesian might appear extremely simple. It's a nontonal language with no tense suffixes or prefixes, no case genders or definite articles, no declensions, no conjugations, not even a verb "to be." In actuality, however, the very lack of obvious rules makes it difficult to speak the language correctly or express yourself in a natural way. To speak enough Indonesian to get by is easy-easier than English. But to speak Indonesian well is another matter; it's as difficult and sophisticated as any of the world's great languages. But the surprised expressions and smiles of those you address will be your reward. Selamat belajar!


Bahasa Indonesia is written in Latin script and consists of 21 letters. Spelling is strictly phonetic; small children after a very few years of schooling can read adult literature aloud to their grandparents. In 1972 Indonesia simplified its spelling, making revisions in the language to conform to Malay, though pronunciation remains the same. Sometimes the old spelling is used on road signs and maps, and in publications and dictionaries.
     In the "new" spelling, every "j" becomes "y" (as in "yarn"), every "dj" changes to "j" (as in "jam"), every "tj" to "c" (as in "chair"), "ch" to "kh," "nj" to "ny," and "sj" to "sy." To make matters even more confusing, there are spelling variations everywhere you go, depending on the island or even the district of the island. Words from other major languages of Indonesia have also influenced Bahasa Indonesian. Many Javanese words change "o" for "a" when translated into Indonesian; Diponegoro becomes Dipanegara and Solo becomes Sala. Some Indonesians spell tolong (please) as tulang.
     Until about 1947, Indonesian words on signs, maps, and other materials were transcribed using Dutch sounds-e.g., Bandoeng (Bandung) and Boekoe (Buku). Occasionally you'll still come across these archaic spellings.


Selamat may be used in conjunction with almost any action word. Together they form a phrase which translates as "May your (action) be prosperous, blessed!" Thus, "Selamat tinggal" means literally "May your remaining be prosperous"; "Selamat tidur" means "Sleep well"; "Selamat bekerja" means "Enjoy your work." By itself, "Selamat" means "Congratulations" or "Good luck" (literally, "Health"). "Asalamu alaikum" (literally, "Peace be unto you") is a greeting used before entering someone's house in Muslim areas; the reply is "Walaikum salam" ("And unto you, peace").
Good morning/Good afternoon/Good night
     Selamat pagi/Selamat siang/Selamat malam
Where are you going? (a common greeting)
     Mau kemana? or Pergi ke mana?
I'm taking a walk. (a common answer)
please/go right ahead
Come in please. Please sit down.
     Sllahkan masuk. Sllahkan duduk.
Hot today, isn't it? It will rain soon.
     Panas sekali, ya? Sebentar lagi (hari) mau hujan.
It's a beautiful day, isn't it? Nice day, isn't it?
     Harinya indah, ya? Harinya enak, ya?
Nice view, isn't it?
     Pemandangannya indah sekall, ya?
pleased/be happy
Thank you/Excuse me (Pardon me)
Bon appetit! This food is delicious.
     Selamat makan! Makanan ini nikmat sekali.

Happy Hari Raya! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!
     Selamat Hari Raya! Selamat Hari Natal! Selamat Tahun Baru!
Thanks for the invitation.
     Terima kasih atas undangan anda.
Have a good trip.
     Selamat berjalan.
Welcome (literally, "Good fortune on arrival").
     Selamat datang.
very interesting/very beautiful (of buildings, monuments)
     sangat menarik/bagus sekali


How are you?/What's new?
     Apa kabar?
Fine, thanks, and you?
     Kabar baik, terima kasih, dan Tuan?
Don't be shy.
     Jangan malu-malu.
Do you know Mr. Ali?
     Apakah saudara kenal Tuan Ali?
I'm glad to meet you. (literally, "Good fortune on meeting.")
     Saya senang betemu dengan anda.
I want you to meet my father/mother.
     Saya perkenalkan anda dengan ayah/ibu saya.
this is Mrs. Ahmad.
     Ini Nyonya Ahmad.
Hello, what's your name? My name is Mohammad.
     Halo, siapa namamu? Nama saya Mohammad.
Do you know Mr. Panggabean? I know him well.
     Saudara kenal Tuan Panggabean? Saya kenal baik dia.
Are you Mr. Jones? Where are you from?
     Apa saudara bernama Jones? Dan mana asal anda?
I'm from New York. Here is my card.
     Saya berasal dan New York. Ini kartu saya.
May I offer you something to drink or eat?
     Anda ingin minuman atau makanan?
Perhaps no. Are you sure?
     Mungkin tidak. Apakah anda pasti?
You are very hospitable. It's very kind of you.
     Anda sangat ramah tamah. Anda balk sekali.
Excuse me. Come again.
     Permisi (asking for permission to leave). Silahkan datang lagi.


Can you speak Indonesian?
     Dapatkah anda berbahasa Bahasa Indonesia?
I don't speak Indonesian.
     Saya tidak bicara Bahasa Indonesia.
Please speak slowly.
     Tolong bicara pelan-pelan.
Yes, a little. Just enough to make myself understood.
     Ya, sedikit. Hanya cukup untuk dimengerti.
Where did you learn it? I learned it by myself.
     Tuan belajarnya dimana? Saya belajar sendiri.
Your Indonesian is fluent. Your pronunciation is good.
     Bahasa Indonesia anda lancar. Ucapan kata-kata anda baik.
How long have you been studying Indonesian?
     Sudah berapa lama anda belajar Bahasa Indonesia?
Do you speak English? May I practice my English with you?
     Apa saudara dapat bicara Bahasa lnggeris? Boleh saya praktek Bahasa lnggeris pada anda?
I'm very sorry. Perhaps another time.
     Ma'af sekali. Mungkin lain waktu.
What is the name for this? What does this word mean?
     Apa namanya ini? Apa arti kata ini?
What do you call this? What is this (that) called in Indonesian?
     Ini namanya apa? Apa namanya ini (itu) dalam Bahasa Indonesia?
How do you spell it? How do you pronounce it?
     Bagaimana mengejanya? Bagaimana mengucapannya?
What did he (she) say? Please repeat. Say it again.
     Apa katanya? Coba ulangi lagi. Sekali lagi.
I understand. I don't understand.
     Saya mengerti. Saya kurang mengerti.
What is pembangunan in English?
     Apakah arti "pembangunan" dalam Bahasa lnggeris?
How do you translate jam karet into English?
     Bagaimana terjemahan "jam karet" dalam Bahasa lnggeris?


Where are you from? I'm from the U.S.A.
     Anda berasal dari negara mana? Saya berasal dari U.S.A.
My nationality is Australian/American/Dutch.
     Saya berkebangsaan Australi/orang Amerika/orang Belanda.
How old are you? I'm twenty years old.
     Umur berapa anda? Saya berumur duapuluh tahun.
Are you a tourist? What's your address?
     Adakah anda seorang wisatawan? Dimana alamat anda?
When did you arrive here? How long have you been here?
     Kapan anda tiba disini? Sudah berapa lama anda disini?
I've just arrived in Indonesia.
     Saya baru datang di Indonesia.
Have you ever been here before? Where are you going?
     Apakah anda sudah pernah kemari sebelum ini? Mau kemana?
Will you stay long in Indonesia? No, just a couple of months.
     Anda akan tinggal lama di Indonesia? Tidak, hanya beberapa bulan.
Have you already been to Bali? Yes, already.
     Sudah pernah ke Bali? Ya, sudah.
No, I've never been to Torajaland.
     Belum, saya belum pernah ke Tanatoraja.
How do you like the climate of Indonesia? The climate is wonderful!
     Bagaimana tentang iklim Indonesia? Iklimnya baik sekali!
Do you smoke? May I have a light (for a cigarette)?
     Anda suka merokok? Boleh saya minta korek api?
What's your ocupation?
     Apakah pekerjaan anda?
I'm a businessman. I go to school.
     Saya adalah seorang pengusaha. Saya seorang pelajar.
My occupation is artist/sailor/teacher/writer.
     Pekerjaan saya seniman/pelaut/guru/penulis.
What's your religion? I'm a Christian/Jew/ Muslim.
     Agama apa anda? Saya orang Kristen/orang Jahudi/orang Islam.
Are you married? Yes, I am. Not yet. Do you have children?
     Apa anda sudah kawin? Ya, sudah. Belum. Sudah punya anak?
Do you like Indonesian cooking?
     Apakah anda suka makanan Indonesia?
Yes, but some dishes are too hot for me.
     Ya, tetapi sebagian masakan pedas bagi saya.
Will you be free this evening?
     Anda tidak akan sibuk malam nanti?
Would you like to come to my house?
     Maukah anda datang ke rumah saya?
Where shall we meet? Let's meet in front of...
     Dimana kita akan jumpa? Kita jumpa saja didepan...
Okay, no problem. I'm sorry, I can't.
     Baiklah, tidak ada masalah. Ma'af, saya tak dapat.


     ya (Dutch spelling and pronunciation)
     tidak (with an adjective or verb) or bukan (with a noun)
this, that
     ini, itu (after the noun)
I do not have...
     Saya tidak punya...
There is... There is not...
     Ada... Tidak ada...
Yes, you're right.
     Ya, anda benar.
It seems wrong. It's not necessary.
     Rupanya salah. Ini tidak penting.
In my opinion. That's right.
     Saya rasa or saya kira or menurut saya. Itu betul or Itu benar.
As much as possible.
     Sebanyak mungkin.
I'm tired/hungry/thirsty.
     Saya lelah/lapar/haus.
I want... Do you want...? I'm looking for...
     Saya mau. . . Anda mau. . .? Saya mencari...
I'm interested (in) . . . to like.
     Saya tertarik... .......
I need. . . I like. . . I hope so.
     Saya perlu....... Saya suka....... Saya harap begitu.
I want to borrow... Do you have...?
     Saya mau pinjam... Anda punya...?
Don't. . . I don't like that. . . I don't want..
     Jangan. . . Saya tidak suka itu. .. Saya tidak mau...
I like Indonesia. Fine, okay.
     Saya suka Indonesia. Baik.
I know. I don't know.
     Saya tahu. Saya tidak tahu.
I think so. I don't think so.
     Saya kira begitu. Saya kira tidak begitu.
I have... Of course.
     Saya punya... Tentu saja.
an expression of surprise or pain
in the future... in that manner... in this manner...
     pada masa yang akan datang... begitu... begini...
Yes, you're right. You're wrong.
     Ya, anda benar. Anda salah.
It's possible. It's not possible. To be able.
     Mungkin. Tidak mungkin. Bisa or dapat (may) or boleh
I'm glad to hear it.
     Saya senang mendengarnya.
Thanks for the gift. It's very kind of you.
     Terima kasih atas hadiah anda. Anda baik hati sekali.
Excuse me for being late. Excuse me for interrupting.
     Ma'afkan, saya terlambat. Ma'afkan, saya mengganggu.
Excuse me for a moment. May I be excused?
     Ma'afkan saya sebentar. Bolehkah saya tidak ikut serta?
I beg your pardon.
     Saya mohon ma'af. or Ma'afkan saya.
Excuse me, what did you say?
     Ma'af, apa yang anda katakan?
I'm sorry, I can't help you.
     Ma'af, saya tidak dapat menolong anda.


Where's a hotel? Where's a losmen?
     Dimana ada hotel? Dimana ada losmen?
Which is the best hotel/losmen?
     Hotel/losmen mana yang terbaik?
Please recommend a good first-class hotel.
     Tunjukkanlah hotel kelas satu yang baik.
I want a quiet, small hotel.
     Saya ingin hotel yang tenang dan kecil.
That hotel is near the town square, far from the airport.
     Hotel itu tedetak dekat alun-alun, jauh dari lapangan terbang.
Please take me to Wisma Borobudur.
     Tolong antar saya ke Wisma Borobudur.
Do you have a room available? Sorry, there aren't any rooms.
     Ada kamar kosong? Ma'af, tidak ada.
Can I have a room for one night?
     Bisakah saya dapat kamar untuk semalam?
We have a reservation. We want to reserve a room.
     Kami telah memesan kamar. Saya ingin memesan kamar.
How long are you staying?
     Berapa lama anda akan thggal disini?
I will stay two days. On Tuesday I travel to Malang.
     Saya akan tinggal dua hari. Hari selasa saya terus ke Malang.
One or two people? I'm alone.
     Untuk satu atau dua orang? Saya sendiri.
Single, please. Two (three) of us, one room.
     Untuk satu orang. Dua (tiga) orang, satu kamar.
One room, two beds. Clean and tidy.
     Kamar dengan dua tempat tidur. Bersih dan rapih.
Have you a room with a private bath?
     Apa ada kamar yang pakai kamar mandi tersendiri?
hot and cold water
     air panas dan dingin
How much for one night? One person?
     Berapa harga satu malam? Satu orang?
What is the rate per day? Week? Month?
     Berapa taripnya sehari? Minggu? Bulan?
Does the price include breakfast? It includes three daily meals.
     Apakah sewanya termasuk makan pagi? Termasuk tiga kali makan.
What time do I have to check out?
     Jam berapa harus saya keluar?
May I see the room first? What's my room number?
     Bolehkah saya melihat kamarnya dulu? Nomor berapa kamar saya?
I'm leaving tomorrow midday.
     Saya berangkat besok tengah hari.
Here is the key to your room. It's unlocked.
     Ini kunci kamar anda. Tidak dikunci.
Is it safe here? First floor. Second floor.
     Amankah disini? Lantai pertama. Lantai kedua.
Is there a bathroom on this floor? Where's the toilet?
     Apa ada kamar mandi di lantai ini? Dimana WCnya?
Please spray my room. It has mosquitoes.
     Tolong semprot kamar saya. Ada nyamuk didalam.
The mattress is too hard. I want to change rooms.
     Kasurnya telalu keras. Saya mau ganti kamar.
I want a better room/cheaper room.
     Saya minta kamar yang lebih baik/kamar yang lebih murah
larger room/smaller room/quiet room
     kamar yang lebih besar/kamar yang Iebih kecil/kamar yang tenang
Have you anything cheaper? Have you anything better?
     Adakah yang lebih murah? Adakah yang lebih baik?
I'll take this one. It'll do.
     Saya ambil yang ini. Boleh juga.
Please put out the light, I want to sleep.
     Tolong padamkan lampunya, saya mau tidur.
Please turn down the radio, it's loud.
     Pelankan radio itu, suaranya tedalu keras.
Just ring for service. May I have...?
     Telpon saja untuk pelayanan. Bolehkah saya minta...?
I want another pillow. Another blanket.
     Saya ingin bantal lagi. Satu selimut lagi.
Dutch wife/hot water/ice/ice water
     bantal guling/air panas/es/es batu
Please clean my room.
     Tolong bersihkan kamar saya.
to make a bed
     membereskan tempat tidur
soap/toilet paper/towel
     sabun/kertas toilet/handuk
I want to speak to the manager.
     Saya mau bicara dengan pengurus.
May I deposit my passport/luggage with you?
     Boleh saya titip paspor/barang saya dengan anda?
May I use your telephone?
     Bolehkah saya meminjam telpon?
Is there a message for me? I'm sorry, you were out.
     Ada pesan untuk saya? Ma'af, anda sedang tidak ada disini.
I need a porter. Will you please fetch my suitcases.
     Saya memerlukan seorang portir. Tolong ambil kopor-kopor saya.
Please call a taxi.
     Tolong panggilkan taxi.
Can I have breakfast in my room?
     Bisakah saya makan pagi di kamar?
Please send my breakfast up.
     Tolong kirimkan makan pagi saya keatas.
Is there someone who washes clothes? Please wash these clothes.
     Ada orang yang mencuci pakaian? Tolong cucikan pakaian ini.
Can I have them back tomorrow? Yes, all these are mine.
     Apakah bisa selesal besok? Ya, ini semua punya saya.
Please wake me up at 06:00/before sunrise/very early.
     Harap bangunkan saya pukul enam pagi/subuh/pagi-pagi.
Don't wake me up.
     Jangan bangunkan saya.
I want to check out now. Give me my bill, please.
     Saya mau keluar sekarang. Saya minta rekening saya.
I will return next week.
     Saya akan kemball minggu yang akan datang.
Can you store my things for five days?
     Bisakah anda menyimpan barang-barang saya untuk ilma had?


I'm hungry. I'm going to go to a downtown restaurant.
     Saya lapar. Saya akan pergi ke restoran di pusat kota.
Where's a good restuarant?
     Restoran mana yang balk?
Can we stop for lunch/dinner?
     Dapatkah kita berhenti untuk makan siang/makan malam.
Let's have lunch. Who'll join me?
     Mari kita makan siang. Siapa ikut saya?
This is the best foodstall here.
     Ini warung yang terbaik disini.
I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat any meat. Vegetables only.
     Saya seorang vegetads, saya tidak makan daging-dagingan. Sayur saja.
I want Indonesian food.
     Saya mau makanan Indonesia.
What time is breakfast? It's served at seven o'clock.
     Jam berapa waktu makan pagi? Makan pagi dihidangkan pada pukul tujuh.
Waiter! I want a table for five people.
     Pelayan! Saya ingin meja untuk ilma orang.
I'm sorry, this table is reserved.
     Ma'af, meja ini sudah dipesan.
Give me tea instead of coffee.
     Berilah saya teh untuk gantinya kopi.
Do you take sugar and milk?
     Anda pakai gula dan susu?
Is this water drinkable? No, it's not drinkable.
     Apa air ini bisa diminum? Tidak itu tak bisa diminum.
I'm thirsty. Please get me a glass of ice water.
     Saya haus. Tolong ambil segelas air es.
Please give me some hot water. I want boiled water (for drinking).
     Tolong beri saya air panas. Saya minta air matang (untuk minum).
May I see the menu? What's the specialty in this restaurant?
     Boleh saya lihat daftar makanan? Apa keistimewaan rumah makan ml?
We're in a hurry, please bring our orders quickly.
     Kami terburu-buru, tolong cepatkan pesanan kami.
When will it be ready? Whaf's the price?
     Kapan siapnya? Berapa harganya?
That's too expensive. Have you got Indonesian dishes?
     Itu terlalu mahal. Apakah anda menyajikan makanan Indonesia?
Let's have some sate. Don't make it too spicy!
     Mari kita makan sate. Jangan terlalu pedas!
What is that/this? I'd like another helping. Is there more?
     Apa itu/ini? Saya mau tambah lagi. Ada lagi?
Please bring us some hot chili sauce. Bring me coffee.
     Bawakan lah kami sambal. Bawakan untuk saya kopi.
Bring me another glass. What do you have for dessert?
     Ambilkan untuk saya gelas yang lain. Apa yang anda punyai untuk makanan pencuci mulut?
I have had enough. I want a banana.
     Saya sudah kenyang. Saya ingin pisang.
I want to wash my hands. Where's the toilet?
     Saya mau cuci tangan. Dimana kamar kecil?
Good. Waiter, please bring me the bill.
     Bagus. Bung, saya minta nota.
Can you change a 10,000 rupiah bill?
     Bisakah anda menukar sepuluh dbu rupiah uang kertas?
at the same time/each person/if there is any/finished
     pada waktu yang sama/setiap orang/kalau ada/habis
to like very much/really delicious/Enjoy your meal!
     suka sekali/enak sekali/Selamat makan!
a little/too little/a little more
     sedikit/telalu sedikit/sedikit lagi
fresh/clean/dirty/to taste
     segar/bersih/kotor/mencicipi, merasa
lukewarm/hot/underdone/well done
cold/hot (temperature)/hot (spicy)
to cook/one serving/forbidden (for Muslims)
     memasak/satu porsi/haram
to boil/to fry/to slice/to squeeze (fruit)
salty/sour/vinegar/sweet/honey/bitter (or plain)
plastic bag/bottled drinking water
     tas plastik/botol air minum
rice (after cooking)/rice noodles/sticky white rice
beans/fermented white soybeans/soybean curd/shrimp paste
soup/noodle soup/curried chicken/fried rice/fried noodles
     sup/mie kuah/ayam kan/nasi goreng/mie goreng
     ikan/udang/cumi/kepiting/ikan mas/udang karang/belut
meat/liver/heart/beefsteak/water buffalo/frog legs
     daging/hati/jantung/bistik/daging kerbau/kaki kodok
     daging sapi/daging ayam/daging domba/daging kambing/daging babi
vegetables/tomato/onion/cabbage/corn/potato/sweet potato/carrots/avocado
     sayur/tomat/bawang/kol/jagung/kentang/ubi /wortel/apokat
     garam/jahe/cabe/kayu manis/merica/cengkeh/bawang putih/jeruk
beer/rice wine/water/cordial/ice/orange juice/soda water
     bir/tuak/air/sirop/es/air jeruk/air soda
bread/toast/cake/cracker/spring rolls
     roti/roti bakar/kue/biskuit/lumpia
butter/cheese/cream/milk/ice cream
     mentega/keju/kepala susu/susu/es krim
egg/fried egg/omelette/boiled egg/soft-boiled egg
     telur/telur mata sapi/telur dadar/telur rebus/telur setengah matang
snacks/peanuts/candy/shrimp chips
     makanan kecil/kacang tanah/gula-gula/krupuk udang
Where can I buy fruit? Where's the market?
     Dimana saya bisa beli buah-buahan? Pasar dimana?
apple/coconut/citrus fruit/papaya/pineapple/banana fritters
     apel/kelapaijeruklpapaya/nanas/pisang goreng
to pick out good ones/ripe/remove the skin
     pilih yang baik/matang/kupas
How does one eat this? Peel it and then you can eat it as is.
     Bagaimana cara makannya? Dikupas, lalu bisa dimakan begitu saja.


What are the tourist places I should visit?
     Apa nama tempat pariwisata yang harus saya kunjungi?
There are two caves near the hot springs.
     Ada dua gua dekat sumber air panas.
Is it safe to swim here?
     Aman berenang disini?
Where do you want to go?
     Anda mau pergi ke mana?
I want to go to Yogyakarta.
     Saya mau pergi ke Yogyakarta.
When are you leaving?
     Kapan anda berangkat?
I depart tommorrow/today.
     Saya berangkat besok/hari ini.
not sure/not certain
     belum tentu/belum pasti
I'm worn out.
     Saya agak capal.
How far is it from here? Is it near?
     Berapa jauh dad sini. Dekat?
Far from here. This way/that way. Which way?
     Jauh dad sini. Kesini/kesana. Kemana?
Turn left at the corner.
     Belok ke kiri di prapatan.
Go straight ahead and then turn to the left/right.
     Jalan terus dan kemudian belok kekiri/kekanan.
Go back to the intersection, then follow the sign.
     Kemball kepersimpangan jalan, lalu ikuti tanda arah.
My address is... /I live on Melati Street.
     Alamat saya... /Saya tinggal di Jalan Melati.
Straight ahead. On the right. On the left.
     Terus. Disebelah kanan. Disebelah kin.
Cross here. Wait here. Stop here.
     Di sini menyeberang. Tunggulah disini. Berhenti disini.
to back up or go backwards/to go forward or advance
To search for. Where can I find a post office?
     Mencari. Kantor POS dimana?
Please show me the way to the highway.
     Tolong tunjukkan kejalan raya.
I want to find this address. I am lost.
     Saya mau mendapat alamat ml. Saya tersesat.
Please show me on this map.
     Tolong tunjukkan dipeta ini.
What is the name of this street?
     Apa nama jalan ini?
What town does this road lead to?
     Jalan ini menuju kekota apa?
Where can I catch a...? Where can I rent a...?
     Dimana saya akan ....... ? Dimana bisa menyewa...?
How many kilometers is it to Rantepao?
     Berapa kilometer ke Rantepao?
What's the best route to follow?
     Jalan mana yang terbaik?
This road is under repair.
     Jalan ini sedang diperbaiki.
This road is very slippery. Look out.
     Jalan ini sangat licin. Hati-hati.
My car has broken down. Where can I find a mechanic?
     Mobil saya mogok. Dimana saya bisa dapat seorang montir?
I have a flat tire. Will you please repair the tire?
     Ban saya kempis. Harap perbaiki pompa itu?
What's wrong with the engine? Switch off the engine.
     Apa yang rusakpada mesin ml? Berhentikan mesin.
The engine won't start. Is there enough gasoline?
     Mesin ini mogok. Apakah bensinnya cukup?
Fill it up please. Check the oil.
     Tolong diisi penuh. Periksa olinya.
at the bus/train station.
     di stasiun bis/stasiun kereta api.
Where is the ticket window?
     Dimana ada loket?
How long does it take from here to Bogor?
     Berapa lama perjalanan dari sini ke Bogor?
Where's the airport?
     Dimana lapangan terbang?
How much does a taxi to the airport cost?
     Berapa tarip taxi ke pelabuhan udara?
Please help me with my luggage.
     Bung, tolong bawakan barang-barang saya.
There are three pieces.
     Semuanya ada tiga barang.
Where is the passport and customs checkpoint?
     Dimana tempat pemeriksaan paspor dan barang?
Which gate do I go to for the plane for Singapore?
     Saya harus pergi kepintu mana untuk naik pesawat ke Singapura?
When is the next flight?
     Jam berapa ada penerbangan berikutnya?
When is the next flight to Jambi?
     Kapan ada penerbangan lagi ke Jambi?
At what time does the plane for Ambon leave?
     Jam berapa pesawat terbang ke Ambon berangkat?
Is there a nonstop flight between Jakarta and Samarinda?
     Apakah ada pesawat langsung antara Jakarta dan Samarinda?
What's the fare to Solo?
     Berapa ongkosnya ke Solo?
I want a single/return ticket.
     Saya mau beli karcis sejalan/pulang pergi.
Stewardess, are we near Kupang?
     Pramugari, apakah kita sudah dekat dengan Kupang?
Where is the railway station?
     Dimana stasiun kereta api?
Where is the railway information desk?
     Dimana tempat bertanya?
Where is the baggage room?
     Dimana kamar bagasi?
I want a ticket to Bandung. What's the fare?
     Saya mau beli karcis ke Bandung. Berapa ongkosnya?
Which class do you want? First class or second class?
     Kelas berapa yang anda mau? Kelas satu atau kelas dua?
How much is a first class round trip ticket to Bogor?
     Berapa harga karcis kelas satu pulang-pergi ke Bogor?
Is it half price for a child?
     Apakah anak-anak setengah harga?
I want to reserve two seats to Bandung on Monday.
     Saya mau pesan dua kursi untuk ke Bandung pada hari Senin.
What time is the first train for Banyuwangi?
     Jam berapa kereta-api pertama menuju Banyuwangi?
Is this seat taken? Sorry, already full.
     Apakah kursi ini kosong? Ma'af, sudah ada orang.
There's room for one more. Take a seat, please.
     Ada tempat untuk satu orang lagi. Sllahkan duduk.
How long does the train stop here?
     Berapa lama kereta-api berhenti disini?
What time does the train arrive?
     Jam berapa kereta api datang?
Does this train go to. .
     Apakah kereta api inii ke...?
We will arrive in Cilacap at around noon.
     Kita akan sampai di Cilacap kira-kira tengah hari.
time of arrival
     waktu kedatangan or jam datang
What time will the ship be sailing?
     Jam berapa kapan ini akan berangkat?
Where do I get the boat to Balikpapan?
     Dari manakah dapat saya naik kapal ke Balikpapan?
Perhaps on Monday.
     Barangkali hari senin.
Which class are you traveling?
     Perjalanan anda di kelas berapa?
First class (or cabin)/Economy class
     Kelas satu/kelas ekonomi
It's time to go on board.
     Sekarang ini waktu untuk naik ke kapal.
to take a becak/call a becak
     naik becak or berbecak/panggil becak
turn to the right/left
     belok ke kanan/kiri
What is the becak fare there?
     Berapa ongkos becak ke sana?
Don't pay more than 1500 rupiah.
     Jangan bayar lebih dari seribu lima ratus rupiah.
Driver, take me to Losmen Matahari.
     Bung, bawa saya ke Losmen Matahari.
Two thousand! How is it possible nowadays, sir!
     Dua ribu! Mana bisa sekarang ini, Pak!
All right, make it one thousand.
     Ayo, satu ribu saja.
What time will the bus leave? Let's get on the bus.
     Jam berapa bis ini akan berangkat? Mari kita naik bis.
Are there buses that go there? How long from here to there?
     Apa ada bis yang ke sana? Berapa lama dari sini kesana?
Which bus will take us downtown?
     Bis yang mana yang akan ke kota?
Does this bus go directly to Bukittinggi?
     Apakah bis ini pergi langsung ke Bukittinggi?
Are there any empty seats? No standing room!
     Ada tempat duduk yang kosong? Tak ada tempat untuk berdiri!
Where shall we get off? Let's get off the bus here!
     Dimana kita akan turun? Kita turun disini!
At the next stop, please let me off.
     Saya akan berhenti dipemberhentian berikut.
Do we need to take a taxi? We have to take a taxi.
     Perlu kita naik taksi? Kita harus naik taksi.
call a taxi/please get me a taxi
     panggil taksi/tolong panggilkan saya taksi
Where is the taxi stand? Is this taxi taken?
     Dimana tempat taksi? Apakah taksi ini ada yang pakai?
How much is this taxi per hour? That taxi has a meter.
     Berapa sewa taksi ini perjam? Taksi itu pakai meter.
Taxi! To the airport!/Drive me to...
     Taksi! ke lapangan terbang!/Antar saya ke...
Take me to a cheap/expensive hotel.
     Antarkan saya ke hotel yang murah/mahal.
I want to see the city. Please drive me around for sightseeing.
     Saya ingin melihat kota. Tolong antar saya berkelilig lihat-lihat kota.
Drive a bit faster. I'm in a hurry.
     Cepat sedikit Saya buru-buru.
Please slow down. Please drive more slowly.
     Kurangi kecepatan. Jalan pelan-pelan saja.
Stop here. What's the fare, driver?
     Berhenti disini. Berapa ongkosnya, Bung?


No parking-Dilarang parkir
Cross here-Menyeberang disini
Keep Out-Dilarang Masuk
Entrance-Pintu Masuk
Exit-Pintu Keluar
Waiting Room-Ruang Tunggu Information-Penerangan
Police Station-Kantor Polisi
Headquarters-Kantor Pusat


Where's the theater/movie house/music hall?
     Dimana gedung sandiwara/gedung bioskop/gedung musik?
What kind of play (movie) would you like to see?
     Sandiwara (film) apa yang anda suka?
What's on at the Jakarta Theatre tonight? What's showing?
     Film apa di Jakarta Theatre malam ini? Film apa yang diputar?
Is there a matinee today? What's the admission?
    Adakah matinee hari ini? Berapa harga karcisnya?
Please reserve two tickets for Friday.
     Saya mau pesan dua karcis untuk hari Jumat.
What time does it start? It will start at 1800.
     Jam berapa mulainya? Mulainya jam 6 sore.
Let's sit in the first row. This is a good seat.
     Mari kita duduk dibaris depan. Disini baik juga.
Sorry, all tickets have been sold out. Sorry, the house is full.
     Ma'af, karcis sudah habis terjual. Ma'af, kami sudah penuh.
Where can we go to dance? Is there a discotheque in this hotel?
     Dimana kita bisa berdansa? Ada diskotik di hotel ini?
I'd like to dance to live music. Is there a nightclub here?
     Saya suka berdansa dengan diiringi band. Ada kelab-malam disini?
Would you like to dance?
     Maukah anda berdansa?
Is there a lot to interest tourists around here?
     Apakah disini banyak pemandangan yang menarik untuk turis?
What is there to see around here?
     Pemandangan apa yang bisa dilihat di daerah ini?
Is there a tourist oftice near here?
     Apakah ada kantor pariwisata di sekitar sini?
What's the fare for a roundtrip to the Loksado area?
     Berapa ongkos pulang-pergi ke daerah Loksado?
What will we see on that trip?
     Apa saja yang akan dilihat di perjalanan itu?
What shall we bring on the trip?
     Apa saja yang harus kita bawa?
How much do you charge per hour? What's included in the price?
     Berapa taripnya sejam? Termasuk apa saja itu?
What time does the bus leave? What time do we get back?
     Jam berapa bisnya berangkat? Jam berapa kita kembali?
I want a guide who speaks English.
     Saya perlu seorang petunjuk-jalan yang bisa bicara Bahasa Inggeris.
Is it all right to take photographs?
     Bolehkah memotret?
What's that building? Where can I see good paintings?
     Gedung apa itu? Dimanakah saya bisa meilhat lukisan-lukisan yang baik?
Is there a cave near here? Where's the waterfall?
     Ada gua dekat sini? Dimana air terjun?
I want to climb to the peak of that volcano.
     Saya mau naik kepuncak gunung itu.
From where can one start the climb? From a village to the north.
     Dari mana bisa berangkat? Dari desa ke utara.
How long (time) to the top?
     Berapa lama keatas?
Is it safe to swim here? Yes, it's shallow here.
     Aman berenang disini? Ya, disini dangkal
Don't swim too far. It's very calm. Rough. Deep. Dangerous.
     Jangan berenang telalu jauh. Tenang sekali. Berombak. Dalam. Bahaya.
There's a bathing spot on the river.
     Di sungai itu ada tempat pemandian.
I only want to sunbathe. Is there a quieter beach?
     Saya hanya mau berjemur. Ada pantai yang lebih sepi?
I'm a good swimmer. I like big waves and white sand.
     Saya perenang yang baik. Saya suka ombak besar dan pasir putih.
I want to hire a mat/sailboat/tent.
     Saya mau menyewa tikar/perahu layar/tenda.
May I go fishing? What time is high/low tide?
     Bolehkah saya memancing? Jam berapa air pasang/surut?

Note: Banners on buildings, stretched out over streets, and hanging from fences and walls announce current and upcoming events, performances, dramas, and movies. Checking banners is one of the best ways to keep breast of the events in a town or city. concert/solo concert/recital konser/konser tunggal/pertunjukan theater/play/movie/art exhibition teater/sandiwara, drama/bioskop/pameran lukisan.


I want to buy... Where can I buy...?
     Saya mau beli.... Dimana saya bisa beli...?
Where's the shopping center in this town? How do I get there?
     Dimanakah pusat pertokoan di kota ini? Naik apa saya pergi kesana?
Do you sell arts and crafts here? May I see some batik?
     Tuan ada menjual barang kesenian dan kerajinan tangan di sini? Boleh saya lihat batik?
I'd like to buy silver crafts.
     Saya mau membeli barang-barang kerajinan perak.
I'm just looking around.
     Saya hanya melihat-lihat
I'd like to look at blouses. Which one (do you) want?
     Saya ingin melihat-lihat bus. Mau yang mana?
Do you have many kinds? I only want this one.
     Punya banyak macam? Saya hanya mau yang ini.
Do you have it in other colors?
     Apakah ini ada warna yang lain?
I prefer something of better quality. These are better.
     Saya lebih suka kwalitas yang lebih baik. ini lebih baik.
I want one which is new. Can you show me something else?
     Saya mau yang baru. Tolong tunjukkan yang lainnya?
May I try on this dress? Where is the fitting room?
     Boleh saya mencoba rok? Dimana kamar pasnya?
Will it fade/shrink? Where are these goods made?
     Ini bisa luntur/menyusut? Barang-barang ini dibuat dimana?
Those are bad. Same or difterent? Is there enough?
     Itu jelek. Sama atau beda? Apakah cukup?
What is the price of this? May I bargain?
     Ini berapa harganya? Boleh ditawar?
That's too expensive. Do you have a cheaper one?
     Itu telalu mahal. Ada yang lebih murah?
Can you come down in price? No, the price is fixed.
     Bisa saudara kurangkan harganya? Tidak, ini harga pasti.
When will it be ready? Can you deliver it to my hotel?
     Kapan selesaiya? Bisa anda antarkan kehotel saya?
I'll take it with me.
     Saya akan membawanya sendiri.
How much is it altogether? May I have a receipt, please?
     Berapa jumlah semuanya? Boleh saya minta tanda terimanya?
Please wrap this with thick paper.
     Tolong bungkuskan dengan kertas yang tebal.
Let's go to the market.
     Mari, kita pergi ke pasar.
What is this? What are you making?
     Apakah ini? Sedang bikin apa disini?
Do you sell mosquito nets? Yes (there is), sir.
     Jual kelambu? Ada, Tuan.
How much is this mosquito net?
     Berapa harga kelambu ini?
Six thousand-five hundred rupiah, sir.
     Enam ribu lima ratus rupiah, Tuan.
Don't give me a crazy price! I've seen some that are cheaper.
     Jangan beri harga gila! Saya pernah lihat ada yang lebih murah.
I'll come back later.
     Saya akan kembali lagi
I can only pay five and a half thousand.
     Saya hanya bisa bayar lima ribu lima ratus rupiah.
If you want it for five thousand rupiah, just take it.
     Kalau Tuan mau lima ribu rupiah, ambil saja.
Last price. It's up to you.
     Harga akhir. Terserah Tuan.
Here is four and a half thousand rupiah. Is it enough?
     Ini empat ribu lima ratus rupiah. Cukup?
Please wrap it up for me. Please make a very strong package.
     Tolong bungkuskan. Tolong bungkuskan yang kuat sekali.
for sale/to pick out/to point out
     untuk dijual/memilih/menunjukkan
cheap/expensive/to make a profit
     murah/mahal/membuat untung
to pay/to pay cash
     membayar/membayar kontan
there is/there is not/as much again
     ada/tidak ada/sekali lagi
big and little/little (not much)/same
     besar dan kecil/sedikit/sama
on top of/in front of
     diatas/dimuka or didepan
maker or doer/merchant or shopkeeper/antique dealer
     tukang/pedagang, penjual/pedagang antik


Where's a bank? Where's the nearest bank?
     Dimana bank? Dimanakah bank yang terdekat?
What time does the bank open?
     Jam berapa bank buka?
Where can I cash traveler's checks?
     Dimana boleh saya menguangkan cek perjalanan turis?
Is there a wire transfer for me?
     Ada kiriman uang untuk saya?
I'm sorry, it hasn't arrived yet.
     Ma'af, belum datang.
Please contact the Jakarta branch for me.
     Tolong hubungi cabang Jakarta untuk saya.
I want to change some American dollars.
     Saya mau menukar dolar Amerika.
What's the exchange rate for the dollar?
     Berapa kurs uang dolar?
Two thousand one hundred rupiah for one dollar.
     Dua ribu seratus rupiah untuk satu dollar.
Give me five thousand rupiah notes.
     Beri saya uang lima ribuan.
I want to change this into small money.
     Saya ingin tukar ini uang kecil.


I'm looking for the post office.
     Saya sedang mencari kantor pos.
Where can I mail this? Do not fold!
     Dimana saya dapat mengirimkan ini? Jangan dilipat!
Please post this letter/parcel for me.
     Tolong poskan surat bungkusan ini untuk saya.
I want to send this letter via regular mail airmail.
     Saya mau mengirim surat ini biasa/pos udara.
I want to register this letter.
     Saya mau surat ini tercatat.
This is a special-delivery letter.
     ini adalah surat kilat
Airmail to New York is Rp l.800.
     Pos udara untuk New York Rp l.800.
Please weigh this letter/packet.
     Tolong timbang surat/paket ini.
Please give me postage stamps/aerograms/postcards.
     Saya mau beli perangko/warkatpos udara/kartu pos.
This package is overweight.
     Paket ini telalu berat.
Do you want a return receipt?
     Tuan ingin surat tanda terima?
To tie with nylon string/to wrap with paper/scotch tape
     mengikat dengan tali/bungkus dengan kertas/pita plastik


May I use the telephone?
     Bolehkah meminjam telpon anda?
I want to make a long-distance call.
     Saya ingin menelpon untuk interlokal.
How much is a long-distance call to...?
     Berapa ongkos interlokal ke...?
Can I dial direct?
     Dapatkah saya menelpon langsung?
What number are you calling?
     Anda minta nomor berapa?
the line is busy/out of order
     telponnya sedang bicara/telpon ini rusak
hold the line/there's no answer
     tunggu sebentar/tidak ada jawaban
He's not in. Who's speaking?
     Ia tak ada di tempat. Siapakah ini?
Is this telephone directory still new?
     Buka telpon ini masih baru?
wrong number/the line was interrupted
     salah sambung/hubungan telpon terganggu
May I speak with... ?/Wait a minute.
     Boleh saya bicara dengan... ?/Tunggu sebentar.
I want to speak to Mr. Sujono.
     Saya mau bicara dengan Tuan Sujono.


May I take photographs here?
     Bolehkah saya mengambil foto disini?
I have a camera. Photography prohibited.
     Saya punya tustel (fototustel). Dilarang memotret
Where is the nearest photo studio?
     Dimanakah foto studio yang terdekat?
Where can I get photographic materials?
     Dimana saya bisa memperoleh bahan-bahan fotografi?
Can I buy a roll of film? Please develop this film.
     Dapatkah saya membeli satu rol film? Tolonglah cuci film ini.
I want to have my photo taken.
     Saya ingin difoto.
I want to have this film developed and printed.
     Saya mau mencuci dan mencetak film ini.
Can you enlarge this photo? I want this size.
     Dapatkah anda memperbesar foto ini? Saya mau ukuran ini.
Let me have a proof, please.
     Coba lihat contohnya.
When will it be ready? Can you make it earlier?
     Kapan selesainya? Bisa lebih cepat?
What type of paper do you use (to print film)?
     Kertas produksi apa yang anda pakai (untuk mencetak film)?


10,000-sepuluh ribu
100,000-seratus ribu
268-duaratus enampuluh delapan
150-seratus limapuluh
307-tigaratus tujuh
537-limaratus tigapuluh tujuh
11,347-sebelas ribu tigaratus empatpuluh tujuh
first-pertama, kesatu
three-quarters-tiga perempat
1.5-satu setengah
2.5%-dua setengah persen
two-thirds-dua pertiga
to slice-iris, potong
one slice-satu iris, sepotong
a dozen-duabelas/satu lusin
to cut-potong
to add-tambah
to subtract-kurang
more (quantity)-lagi
how many/much-berapa
too many-telalu banyak
a handful-segenggam
a spoonful-satu sendok penuh
fix two slices (pieces) of meat-bikin dua iris (potong) daging
buy four fish-beli empat ekor ikan
I need five eggs.-Saya perlu lima biji telur.
I need five shirts.-Saya perlu lima helai baju.
sheets of/paper/cloth-helai/kertas/kain
three sheets of paper-tiga lembar kertas


What time is it?
     Jam berapa?
I was 10 minutes late.
     Saya terlambat sepuluh menit.
How long? It takes only 10 minutes.
     Berapa lama? Itu hanya sepuluh menit.
When? What time does it start?
     Kapan? Jam berapa mulai?
     tadi/sudah/yang lalu/baru-baru ini
now/once again/just now
     sekarang/sekali lagi/baru saja
     nanti/kemudian or sesudah
to be late/already late (in the day)
     terlambat/hari sudah siang
not yet/nearly finished
     belum/hampir habis
a few hours/a few minutes ago
     beberapa jam/beberapa menit yang lalu
just a moment longer
     sebentar lagi or segera
It's not going to happen/it won't come about
     tidakjadi/tidak akan terjadi
very flexible schedule; "rubber time"
     jam karet
When did you leave Sydney?
     Kapan anda meninggalkan Sydney?
I arrived here only yesterday.
     Saya sampai disini kemarin.
many times/just this once
     sering kali/baru sekali ini
for the first time
     untuk pertama kali
I saw him a week ago.
     Saya ketemu dia seminggu yang lalu.
I left San Francisco two months ago.
     Saya pergi dari San Francisco dua bulan yang lalu.
0500-0700 (5-7 a.m.)
     pagi pagi
0700-1200 (7 a.m.-noon)
1200-1500 (noon-3 p.m.)
1500-1900 (3-7 p.m.)
1900-0500 (7 p.m.-5 a.m.)
today/yesterday/the day before yesterday
     hari ini/kemarin/kemarin dulu
tomorrow/the day after tomorrow/tomorrow morning
     besok/besok lusa/besok pagi
two more days/in the daytime
     dua hari lagi/di siang hari
next month
     bulan yang akan datang or bulan depan
day on/everyday/nowadays
     hari libur/tiap hari/sekarang ini or saat ini
midday/later in the afternoon
     tengah hari/nanti sore
last night/tonight/the whole night/midnight
     tadi malam/malam ini/semalam suntuk/tengah malam
thirty minutes
     tigapuluh menit
past or after
quarter past five
     jam lima lewat seperempat
     setengah tujuh just
seven o'clock
     tepat pukul tujuh
It's seven-ten.
     Sekarang pukul tujuh lewat sepuluh menit
quarter to eight
     jam delapan kurang seperempat
twenty to nine
     jam sembilan kurang dua puluh menit
It's eleven-thirty.
     Jam setengah duabelas.
week/last week/next week
     minggu/minggu yang lalu/minggu depan
once a week/in a week
     seminggu sekali/seminggu lagi
     Hari Senin/Hari Selasa/Hari Rabu
     Hari Kamis/Hari Jumat/Hari Sabtu/Hari Minggu
What day is today? Monday morning.
     Hari ini hari apa? Senin pagi.
Tomorrow is Tuesday.
     Besok hari Selasa.
It's Friday, the twenty-second.
     ini hari Jum'at tanggal duapuluh dua.
Yesterday was Sunday.
     Kemarin hari Minggu.
What date is today?
     Tanggal berapa hari ini? or Tanggal berapa sekarang?
It's the sixteenth of July.
     Hari ini tanggal enambelas Juli
What date was it yesterday?
     Kemarin tanggal berapa?
Do you have a calendar?
     Apa saudara punya tanggalan?
17 May1941
     Tujuhbelas Mei sembilanbelas empat puluh satu.
this year/for years and years
     tahun ini/bertahun-tahun
season/dry season/hot season/rainy season
     musim/musim kemarau/musim panas/musim hujan
wind/humid/nice day/beautiful weather
     angin/lembab/hari bagus/cuaca bagus
to weigh/width/length
to measure (for size)/to measure (for volume)
depth/height/bigger than that
     dalamnya/tingginya/lebih besar dari itu
black/white/yellow/red/blue/green/ brown/orange


Where is the nearest drugstore? Hospital?
     Dimanakah apotik (toko obat) yang terdekat? Rumah sakit?
What's your ailment? I need medicine for diarrhea.
     Sakit apa? Saya perlu obat untuk berak-berak.
Do you have something for an upset stomach? Insect bites?
     Apakah ada obat untuk gangguan perut? Gigitan serangga?
My throat is very sore. Can you make up this prescription?
     Tenggorokan saya sakit sekali. Tolong buatkan resep ini?
"enter wind" (to catch a cold or flu)/dry cough/itching
     masuk angin/batuk kering/gatal
I have a splitting headache/stomachache/sore eye/disease
     Saya pusing sekali/sakit perut/sakit mata/penyakit
earache/toothache/backache/stomach cramp
     sakit telinga/sakit gigi/sakit punggung/kejang perut mules
infection/malaria/cough (n.)/cough (v.)
healthy/seriously sick
     sehat/sakit keras
broken arm/broken leg
     lengan patah/kaki patah
I don't sleep well. I have a cough/fever.
     Tidur saya tidak nyenyak. Saya batuk/demam.
take medicine/take a pill
     minum obat/minum pil
How many pills shall I take a day? Three times daily.
     Berapa tablet harus saya makan sehari? Tiga kali sehari.
Take three teaspoons before/after meals.
     Minumlah tiga sendok teh sebelum/sesudah makan.
on getting up/on going to bed/sleepy
     waktu bangun tidur/jika mau tidur/ngantuk
I'm sick. I want to see a doctor.
     Saya sakit Saya mau pergi ke dokter.
Where is there a doctor who speaks English?
     Dimana ada dokter yang bisa berbicara Bahasa Inggeris?
doctor's consulting hours/patient
     jam bicara/pasien
Please call a doctor. That wound/cut needs dressing.
     Tolong panggilkan dokter. Luka itu perlu dibalut.
How long have you had this cold? About a week.
     Sudah berapa lama anda menderita masuk angin? Kurang lebih satu minggu.
You're very pale. Is your temperature still high?
     Anda pucat. Apakah suhu badan anda masih tinggi?
Where's the pain? How's your appetite?
     Dibagian mana yang anda rasakan sakit? Bagaimana nafsu makan anda?
I'll write you a prescription.
     Saya akan menuliskan resep untuk anda.
Wash the cut in boiled water.
     Basuh luka itu dengan air panas.
medicine/alcohol/antiseptic cream/aspirin
     obat/alkohol/krem antiseptik/aspirin
cough medicine/laxative/ointment/powder
     obat batuk/obat peluntur/salep/bedak
sedative/sleeping pill/talcum powder/tranquilizer
     obat untuk meredakan sakit/obat tidur/bedak talek/obat penenang
urine specimen/stool specimen
     contoh buang air kecll/contoh buang air besar
to rub (with salve)


Indonesia is not a violent environment and you very seldom hear of muggings, rapes, or fights. But due to its huge population base, there is an element of the population who are ill-bred and rude (kasar in Indonesian). If anyone is ever bothering you or touching you indecently, it's usually enough to say "Jangan begitu, itu tidak baik" ("Don't act like that, it's not nice"). This is sufficiently firm, yet polite, and will cover most unpleasant situations.

Please help me for a moment. I've missed the train.
     Tolonglah saya sebentar. Saya ketinggalan kereta api.
I've been robbed. I've been held up. What a pity!
     Saya baru dirampok. Saya baru di todong. Kasihan!
My money has been stolen. Our bags are missing.
     Uang saya dicuri orang. Barang-barang kami hilang.
I've lost my passport. All my IDs are gone.
     Paspor saya hilang. Semua pengenalan saya hilang.
Where's the police station? Please call the police.
     Dimana kantor polisi? Tolong panggilkan polisi.
Can I speak with the manager? I am angry.
     Bisakah saya bicara dengan pengurus? Saya marah.
Let's talk over the problem with...
     Marilah, kita bicarakan persoalan ini dengan...
Is there anybody here who speaks English?
     Ada yang bisa berbahasa lnggeris disini?
Is there a translator here?
     Ada penterjemah disini?
Where's the information desk? Where's the money changer?
     Dimana information desk? Dimana tempat menukar uang?
Don't be angry with me. Don't be ill-mannered.
     Janganlah marah kepada saya. Jangan kurang ajar.
Don't do that. Absolutely not!
     Jangan bikin itu. Sama sekall tidak!
Don't talk nonsense! Don't bother me!
     Jangan omong kosong! Jangan ganggu saya!
Excuse me, I must be going now.
     Ma'af, saya harus pergi sekarang.
I want to go away from here.
     Saya ingin pergi dari sini.
Will you please leave me alone? Please go away. Go away!
     Sudikah anda membiarkan saya sendiri? Pergilah. Pergi!
Be patient, please! Don't disturb me. Leave her alone.
     Sabarlah sebentar! Jangan ganggu saya. Jangan ganggu dia.
What's the matter? Be careful of him.
     Ada apa? Hati-hati sama dia.
His manners are very vulgar. He's ill-mannered (impolite/rude).
     Dia tidak sopan. Dia kurang ajar.
Never mind. That's all right. Forget it!
     Tidak apa-apa. ltu tak mengapa. Lupakan saja!