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Finna Golf Surabaya
Trust the advice of the caddies whose local knowledge will help you through the unusual layout of Surabaya's Finna course, says NICKLAUS D'CRUZ

IT MIGHT be possible for you to lose hope in have your confidence shattered just halfway through your round at Finna Golf & Country Club in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Local advice is to keep in mind the mountain peak of Mt Arjuno and use it as your main reference point, with the ancient
temple of Candi Jawi as indication of the lower regions of the golf course; and only then set off to the first tee.

Bumi Serpong Damai Golf Course
Hole No. 1, 370 metres, Par 4

This par four is a good medium length par 4.
Beware of the long sandy waste bunker alongside the right side of the fairway.
Too conservative a tee shot to the left side of the fairway will give the golfer a clean but awkward lie due to the "catchers mitts" guarding the left side of the fairway.
The second shot into the medium-sized green is fairly straight-forward.
Avoiding the three bunkers leading up to the green is really the only difficult hazard to beware of when hitting the approach to the green.

Gading Raya Golf Course & Club
Hole No. 1, 389 metres, Par 4

 A strong opening hole to commence the outward nine.A generous fairway landing area is provided here to get play underway. The ideal line however is to the left side, setting up a less obstructed approach. A rocky creek meanders from the left of the green to the right will be faced with a recovery from the greenside trap. This is an exciting opening hole which will result in a variety of scores.

Pantai Indah Kapuk Golf Course
Hole No. 1, 500 metres, Par 5

The opening par 5 plays with water along the left, but has available space to play safe well to the right. The hole is a legitimate 3 shots to reach the green allowing a variety of options for the golfer to warm up.

Palm Hill Country Club Indonesia
Hole 1 (Par 4)

An introduction to what lies ahead, prelude incorporates all that is Palm Hill. Water, generous landing zone, rolling fairways, white sand bunkers and a green that requires an understanding of the hole to properly conquer it.

"What makes the real joy come true in an ideal manner?" The concept of making this club was given by keep asking this question.
When we ask this question, the supreme nature of the land we chose answers. They are the tropical breeze, creek accross the course, palm trees, flowers, not to mention the ease of access.

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