General Information
Indonesia Business Center Online(TM) is an electronic meeting place for businesses related to Indonesia
and for people seeking information about Indonesia. This is a commercial server run by a  private Indonesian company, Internet Nusa Bhakti.

Selamat datang di IndonesiaExport (or you can read it as "Welcome to Our Place"). They are an Indonesian company,
but we've located our server in the United States in order to give faster access.This site is an on-line photo catalog of  Indonesian-made products for export and provides buyers outside of  Indonesia an opportunity to learn about the products available here. Also, there are many beautiful scenic photos of Indonesia for you to enjoy.


Stock Exchange
Jakarta Stock Exchange.

Today's and yesterday's exchange rate from Bank International Indonesia (BII).

Bulletin Board
This Bulletin Board is free for everyone to use at their convenience. They will post your message for 30 days and if you want to run it longer, then you'll have to re-post it.