Art & Culture

Shadow Puppet
Name: Wayang Kulit Shadow Play
The ancient Indonesian art of shadow play or "Wayang Kulit" is a unique combination of  ritual, lesson, and entertainment. Lacy shadow images are projected on a taught  linen  screen with  a  coconut  oil  lamp or  electric  light. The  Dalang, or shadow artist, manipulates carved leather figures between the lamp and the screen to bring the shadows to life.

Traditional Music
Name: Gamelan on the Web
This web site, maintained by Marc Hoffman, contains a listing of gamelan groups in North America. In North America the
term "gamelan" is used broadly to include  musical  ensembles  of a wide variety. In this same spirit, this list attempts to be
as inclusive as possible and includes numerous musical ensembles.

Javanese Mystical
There are numerous forms of mysticism. The majestic grandeur of nature evoked  an intuitive awe in man and a feeling of
unity. Some time in history members of the homo sapiens species began directing their attention inside themselves as they received indications of a magical and spiritual nature. In early  cultures  groups  formed  around  a  person  who  seemed
through some strange play of nature be possessed with extraordinary powers and insights. Some call them medicine man
or shamans.

Batik Gallery
Name: Indonesia at a glance: Batik Gallery

Name: Bali & Beyond
This  site  is  an introduction  and  supplement  to  Bali &  Beyond  performances  and  workshops. Bali & Beyond  is a performing  arts company inspired by the cultures of  Indonesia.  The  Los Angeles  based  ensemble  tours nationwide, featuring a variety of music, theater, and educational presentations.Bali & Beyond is  directed  by Maria  Bodmann  and
Cliff DeArment.

Name: KeChat
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