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Shopping in Denpasar is an experience in itself Denpasar offers keen shoppers some interesting opportunities. Here you will find a mixture of shopping centres, malls, art markets and independent shops. You will find some of the best products in the world, from top of the line designer goods to local arts and crafts and unique international wares. Fashion is well represented with many different stores offering a wide range of style catering to every budget. Arts and crafts are especially good in the Ubud area and you will find some very unique pieces to take home with you. Duty free shoppers are well catered for with many specialist stores in the Kuta area offering a full range of international goods from the finest of perfumes to liquor and cigarettes. The most prized souvenir of a trip to Bali is the Jewelry in Denpasar’s Jalan Sulawesi. 
Gold is sold by the gram and prices change daily like the currency exchange rate. However, if your budget is limited you will find a reasonable range of cheaper imitation goods at the local traditional market.


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