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Tourism visiting the regency of Klungkung will soon be able to visit a new recreational venue called Bali Satwa Park. The park is still currently under construction but will be finished at the end of the year according to investor Nyoman Gunarsa. 
The idea of the park is not only for promote the Klungkung area and provide employment for the local people.
Up until now the highest percentage of income from tourism is concentrated in the Badung and Denpasar areas. Besides the recreational park, Gunarsa will also build an art shop and traditional public market. He also plans that during the first year of operation local people will be able to enter the park free of charge. Gunarsa humble states, "my vision is not only to develop the Contemporary Museum in preserving art, but also wish to balance my life with religion. The Hindu concept "Tri Hita Karana" means that life must consist of harmony between God, human's and environment. I will adopt this concept of harmony by combining the museum, park and traditional market. The plant for the Bali Satwa Park is to have a range of local flora and fauna as well as from overseas such as birds, monkeys, as so on. 
Gunarsa is also interested in rare flora like the "hankerchief" tree from the palace of Yogyakarta. The name of satwa is from the Sanskrit language meaning fauna. Gunarsa is founding the park alone, as his talent as a painter has paid off and he successful worldwide. Klungkung is Gunarsa birthplace and he feels a strong commitment to develop the area and assist the local people in boosting their economic circumstances. He hopes that all of his plans will be completed within the next 5 years and it will be a place for both locals and visitors to the island.


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