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The Jalak Putih is an area of rare and diverse beauty with Bali's highest mountain, rainforest, mile upon mile of soft the park headquarters in Cekik Jembrana as well as uninhabited. This is a much loved area were local’s go to wind down over long weekends. The pace here is as slow or fast as you want it to be. 

Ibnu Maryanto from the Indonesian Academy of science together with researches from the museum of Westen Australia have discovered a new bat which is named  "Kelelawar Otomops". It was found when the two researchers where doing their zoological studies on Alor island East Nusa Tenggara. 
To reach the location they walked about 35 kilometers in 4 hours. The bat was hidden in a hole in Apul village, which is about 800 meters above sea level. What differentiates this bat to normal species is that usually they bend the area of the nose so it looks like a small pouch, also their skin is dark brown with lighter shading in areas. According to Maryanto this bat is considered quite rare and joins the existing 2 kinds of bats already found in Indonesia. 


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