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Halloween night is celebrated every year on the last day of October. As in previous years BB Discotheque at the Ramada Bintang Bali Resort held a party gathering together members and hotel guests. 
Scary decorations with carved pumpkins and big spiders were arranged to tie in with the theme. 
All staff was dressed as dracula's and devils to add to the atmosphere. The event was successful, combining frightening surprises and a spectacular dance show. 

Traditional Dances 

Barong & Kris Dance 
- Batubulan Village, Everyday 09.30-10.30 am 
- Puri Saren, Ubud, Every Friday 06.30 pm. 
- Catur Eka Budi, Jl. Waribang, Kesiman. 
Kecak Dance 
- Werdi Budaya (Art Centre) Jl. Nusa Indah, Everyday 06.30 pm 
- Catur Eka Budi, Jl. Waribang, Kesiman. Everyday 06.30 pm 
- Padang Tegal, Ubud Every Monday and Saturday 07.30 pm 
- Puri Agung Peliatan, Every Thursday 07.30 pm 
Legong Dance 
- Puri Saren, Ubud, Every Monday & Saturday 07.30 pm. 
- Peliatan Vikkage, Every Friday 07.30 pm 
- Pura Dalem Puri, Ubud, Every Saturday 07.30 pm 
Kecak & Fire Dance 
- Bona Village, Every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday 07.30 pm 
Leko and Janger Dance 
- Puri Anyar, Kerambitan, On Request 
Tektekan Dance (Puri Night, Dance & traditional Dinner) 
- Puri Anyar, Kerambitan, On Request 
- Puri Agung Wisata Wisata, Kerambitan , On Request 
Shadow Puppet Show 
- Oka Kartini's, Ubud, Every Sunday & Wednesday 08.00 pm 
Ramayana Ballet 
- Pura Dalem Puri, Ubud, Everyday 08.00 pm 
- Puri Saren, Ubud, Every Tuesday 08.00 pm 
Gabor Dance 
- Puri Saren, Ubud, Every Sunday 07.30 pm 
Calonarang Dance 
- Mawang Village, Ubud, Every Thurday & Sunday 07.30 pm 
Raja Pala Dance 
- Puri Saren, Ubud, Every Thursday 07.30 pm 
Mahabrata Dance 
- Teges Village, Ubud, Every Tuesday 07.30 pm 
Gambuh the Classical Dance 
- Pura Desa, Batuan Sukawati, 1st & 15th Every Monday 07.30 pm 
Barong Dance 
- Sudan, Gianyar, Everyday 09.00 pm 
Sunda Apasunda 
- Puri Saren, Ubud, Every Wednesday 07.30 pm 
Legong & Barong Dance 
- Br. Tengah, Peliatan, Ubud, Every Wednesday 07.30 pm 
Women's Gambelan with Children Dance 
- Peliatan Village, Every Tuesday 07.30 pm 


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