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A party is the normal teenage birthday celebration, but for Rayi Dinda who turned 14 last week an additional suprise was being crowned the top model of Bali. Rayi won the overall categories in a fashion contest called "Remaja Fotogenik" (Photogenic youngster), which was held at Denpasar's Art Centre. She was one of 163 entrants, including many of the islands top senior models. 

However Rayi is not entirely a new comer to the modeling scene. Last year she won third place in the 'Remaja Trendy’ (trendy youngster) competition. When asked if she wanted to become a professional model, Rayi commented that she'd rather become a designer, as it's more challenging. 

Currently a third year student at junior high school in Denpasar, Rayi resembles her attractive mother who works as a designer. 
In Bali there seems to be many up and coming young models. In 1995 the New York based Elite Models recruited Tracy Trinita, who was then only 15 years old. Tracy has joined the best models in the world and is stationed permanently in New York. 


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